Brushes, my vice.

💄🎨When I go on #makeup brush binges, it's usually about my pro kit. I must have the best for my clients...but these will never see a photography studio, TV sound stage, fashion show tent, theater dressing room, or bridal dressing suite - THESE BABIES ARE MINE! #MakeupArtist #Brushes


COTTON's 24Hour Runway Show, 2014!

Hey BEAUTY BABES!  I am ecstatic, honored, and completely over the moon to have been asked to be an Official Beauty Blogger for this year's COTTON's 24Hour Runway Show! When COTTON's 24Hour Runway Show Beauty Director, the one & only DeShawn Hatcher contacted me, I was just giddy! You all know how I feel about #beauty, #makeup, and all things glamorous - this is going to be so much fun! 

Where can you see 1,440 fashion looks from  Piperlime, Anthropoligie, Banana Republic, Bloomingdale's, Munki Munki, 7 For All Mankind, French Connection, Lily Pulitzer, DASH, Modcloth, Norma Kamali, Tommy Hilfiger, GUESS, and dozens more? Where will you see a musical performance by Jason Derulo? . . . only at COTTON's 24Hour Runway Show, coming to you LIVE, tonight, NOV 7 2014 from Miami's South Beach!  

Join celebrity hosts Giuliana Rancic and Jason Kennedy for this unique, exciting, high energy fashion event!  COTTON partners with PEOPLE Magazine to bring you the 4th Annual COTTON's 24Hour Runway Show. Click H E R E to watch the live stream beginning tonight at 8pm EST.

                  Pro Makeup Artist & Influencer  Deshawn Hatcher ,   Beauty Director for  COTTON's 24Hour Runway Show

                  Pro Makeup Artist & Influencer Deshawn HatcherBeauty Director for COTTON's 24Hour Runway Show

Well, you know me. I love beauty and fashion, and will be especially checking out the beauty trends shown @ COTTON's 24Hour Runway Show this year. COTTON, again is proud to have Pro Makeup Artist, DeShawn Hatcher on board as beauty director. Last year, Ms. Hatcher created 250+ makeup and beauty looks for 70+ designers and hundreds of models with her team of 60+ makeup and hair pros! 2014 makeup/beauty sponsors include STILA, MEHRON Makeup NYC, Beauty Blender, SKINDINAVIAZOYA, Paul Mitchell - and that's just a few. Follow DeShawn HERE, & the COTTON Beauty Team on Twitter H E R E. You can also keep up with ALL THE BUZZ by following the hashtag #COTTON24Hours.

You can catch my swooning by following my Twitter feed HERE, and via My Website Blog HERE. I am so ready - LET'S GO!

Makeup Artists - Stay In Your Lane!

Ok, rant time!

MUAS, I'M OVER IT! First of all, STOP accepting gigs that you are not at all ready for. Secondly, STOP coming into Facebook groups/online forums with "oh woe is me", because that gig turned out to be a complete disaster! Don't try to blame the Stylist, Mother of the Bride, the Photographer, Director, President Obama, or anyone else for YOUR mistake! Whether skill set, managing logistics, contract details, kit supplies/preparedness etc., YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE when things don't go well.

Many of the online communities that I mentioned above are replete with ANY/ALL of the information you need. In fact, I charge you with FELONY NEGLECT! Neglect of information and resources. Indeed, it would behoove you to strengthen your network of colleagues (ask questions/get help/hire knowledgeable assistants) so that you won't subject yourself, OR A CLIENT to such unnecessary chaos!

If you get an offer that YOU KNOW you aren't prepared to execute properly, be a true professional, decline the offer, pass it on OR bring in a colleague.

Reasons hiring an experienced colleague makes sense:
 Your professionalism is solidified
• They can offer you hands on expertise
• You learn and get experience at the same time
• Client is happy because the event/shoot was a success
• More business comes your way because you exemplified "team player"

We all know that even with the most careful planning and forethought, things can go wrong. Still, we should equip ourselves as acutely as possible. MUAs, don't be the inexperienced "driver speeding into traffic"! Be a smart student of our industry by doing your homework. Honor the legacy within our ranks by respecting those who have gone before us. They paid dues - WE MUST ALSO.

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The Beauty of Legacy...

Happy "When I Think of the Goodness of Jesus" Day! JUN 29

Today, we celebrate “When I Think Of The Goodness Of Jesus” Day! This is being done to give praise, honor, and glory to God! We also, humbly commemorate my paternal grandmother, Bertha Valentine James, the 1936 composer of this globally renowned gospel song.

As the song was written to give praise, honor, and glory to God – we found it fitting to set aside a day that we can get together worldwide to offer praise, and give thanks to God! June 29th was chosen as the annual “GOODNESS DAY”, the day before BVJ’s birth date, June 30th, 1896.

Gather, friends, family, and church family to sing “When I Think Of The Goodness Of Jesus”. We want to encourage thankfulness and positivity as we ‘think of the goodness of Jesus”. SO JOIN US! You are invited to be part of the global celebration! Please attach your videos and MP3s. We want to hear you all singing, “When I Think Of The Goodness Of Jesus”.

In the attached recording (MP3), so everyone can clearly hear the melody, the first chorus is just as it was originally written by Bertha Valentine James. The remainder of the song was co-arranged by BVJ’s grandson, John James III, and accompanist, Rob Robinson. 


 "When I Think of the Goodness of Jesus MP3"


 “When I ThinkOf The Goodness Of Jesus”


When I think of the goodness of Jesus

And what He has done for me;

Then my soul cries out, Hallelujah!

Praise God for setting me free.

Verse 1

When I think how he went up Golgotha,

Up Calvary’s old rugged hill;

How He gave up His life to save me
And His precious blood He did spill.


When I think how He makes ways for me,

He supplies me with shelter and food.

How He gives me a desire to serve Him

And all of His blessings are good.



Sometimes I feel sad and lonely;

I would give up in despair,

But I hear His sweet voice when He whispers,

I see, I know, and I care.



Now, I ask Him daily to lead me;

Let each step be steady and true.

Ever keep my heart clean and honest,

And Lord, let my words be few.