DEBATE IS HEALTHY!!! Hateful, Negative Attitudes Are Not!!!

Original Poster: To you male MUA'S, what made you want to do makeup? I'm curious.....

    • Jennifer James: Hey all, I would be interested to see if males are motivated differently than females or are the variances based more on individual life stories vs gender. Weigh in guys!
      Original Poster: Thank you Jennifer J. I can't wait to see either

    • Commenter #1: I am also curious...because some of them it seem to come so natural to them & they can paint circles around some female artist

      Commenter #2: Ths question deserves a *bump*!

    • Original Poster: bump....

      Commenter #3:
      where are the men???? why no response

    • Commenter #4: sigh no one wants to answer? Im curious to know too because I agree with Commenter #1

      Original Poster: .‎......................

    • Jennifer James: Hmm, is it that they're better or is it that as a culture, we are socialized to have more of a fascination with the Male Stylist???

      Plus, the factor of that underlying crush women have on their Male Stylists even though the women really know it may not/won't ever go anywhere beyond the client/stylist relationship.

      Does time enduring global sexism that exists in every world culture have anything to do with the successes of Male Master Artists & Craftsmen in many different fields?

      I love the psychology behind this whole discussion.

      Commenter #4: Its just my opinion before I join this forum I noticed more male artist than female. I knew it was female artist before just didnt know it was as many.

    • Original Poster: Psychology is my thing, I love it!

      Commenter #5: oooow weee!! we definitely have a fascination and an endearing trust towards male artists. Simply put: A woman will sit in a chair and let a male say "Chile, you look a mess! let me fix you". Now IF a woman says that... well if a verbal altercation doesn't ensue, you can be sure that the woman will NOT return for services. I have seen women flirting and crushing on male artists to sickening extremes lol ready to give up house and home to pay for the service. Yes, it's that deep. Especially when the same client type will nickel and dime a woman for a stellar services worth just as much as the male counterpart.

    • Commenter #1: I always wondered if their drive to be the best in their art form was because they were men...meaning this is a "women" driven field and if they are going to do it they have to be better than the women doing it...not saying that all men artist are the bomb...but i have met some mind blowing talented artist...MUA/Hair/Styling *if.any.of.that.made.sense* LOL

    • Original Poster:  Your statement made me think of how ''extra'' MOST gay men tend to be... since they aren't naturally women, they feel the need to prove themselves more. Sooo, I do believe to an extent, male mua's do try to go that extra mile to be better than some women mua's.

      Commenter #6: I recently had this discussion with another male MUA. This belief by women that male MUA/Hairstylist/Stylists are better than women and more preferred. I believe there is a correlation between this and the mother/son relationship. A mother loves her children, but has that special bond with her baby boy(mama's boy). Just like 'daddy's little girl'. The whole opposite attracts idea applies in this area as well. The affirmation by a man given to a woman is powerful. Some women may be lonely, rejected, etc. Attention from a male is what she is seeking, no matter the circumstance. So while a female Artist may be just as qualified or even better, a male will be chosen because of these things. This is my theory, what do you all think?

    • Jennifer James: ‎   Original Poster, there is another mis-conception that you just confirmed the existence of...A lot of gay men want to be women - F A L S E!

    • Jennifer James: Hi Commenter #6, I believe those things probably do play into it as well.

    • Commenter #1: oooh Original Poster, that wasnt the direction I was going...LOL...because some are not gay...they just want to take advantage of this billion dollar industry (all.things.women) but okaaay :-)

    • Original Poster: Jennifer James..............A lot that I know do have feminine ways, and try to be like women. That's why I made sure to say MOST.

    • Original Poster: and Commenter #1... I comprehended what you were saying, I was just stating my own opinion.

    • Original Poster: Another thing Jennifer James...... the fact is, most male mua's are gay that I know of, because they are open about it. It's not just an assumption, so please don't get me wrong. I'm not trying to turn this simple question I posted, into a political debate.

      Commenter #1: ‎:-) I just know sometime I type what I think Im saying but when some read it they see something different then what I meant...again *if.that.made.sense* LOL

      Original Poster: i feel you Commenter #1 :-)

    • Jennifer James:
      ‎Original Poster,  you said:
      "Your statement made me think of how ''extra'' MOST gay men tend to be... since they aren't naturally women, they feel the need to prove themselves more. Sooo, I do believe to an extent, male mua's do try to go that extra mile to be better than some women mua's."

      That sounds as if you are equating being gay with wanting to "be a woman" or in the least you seem to insinuate the 'most' do?

      If that's not what you meant then maybe you could reword it to express your actual thought.

    • Original Poster: it's my opinion, i don't need to reword anything....

      Original Poster: I guess this post won't go into the direction that i intended for it to go, so i'll just remove it!


We can't go through life & erase times & situations that don't go as we suspect or wish.

We learn from them, we build stronger character in ourselves & sometimes we give someone else something to think about & learn from.

I say it often, debate is healthy.
__Jennifer James

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