"I love working at _____!" OH DO YOU? REALLY? REALLY?!

The makeup counter experience from the retail makeup artist's perspective is very interesting. Over the years, I have been fortunate enough to have seen this from behind the counters of several industry powerhouse makeup lines. I have a few observations to share;  many of which you may be able to identify with.

A little background...I happen to be the quintessential, epitomical, text book definition of loner/people person. Don't do cliques, yet very social. Treasure me time, but can work a room. Enjoys silence & is often THEE loudest person in the room. These two sides of me have been very conducive to my career choices & my philosophy concerning commitment to my craft. Glad to have been able to strike a little balance...ok enough about me.

Social media has become an experiment of sorts for me. Having connected with soooooo many people from so many places & at different stations in life - I can't help but notice that I have become a magnet for young makeup artists. Some of them hungry, some lazy (want the hook-up, don't want to test, don't realize their skills need major honing) & some are truly talented with lofty ambitions. I am seeing everything with my 'magnetism'. I believe they can detect that I am s sucker for answering makeup & makeup industry questions. AND I AM! Hopeless information sharer. It's all I know...ok moving along.

Then there are those newbie makeup artists who are responsible for inspiring this blog entry: "I LOVE MY JOB! I LOVE MAKEUP! I LOVE WORKING AT _____!"

...so I challenge them to truthfully testify, again profess undying adoration for the position they have been so blessed to be in - with my snarky, sarcastic (admittedly almost snide & condescending) --- OH DO YOU? REALLY? REALLY?!
Why do I ask this?  I ask because some people do makeup (doing the verb) & some people are Make Up Artists - they personify BE THE NOUN!!!

It's what I have seen. Many of my counter colleagues used those words without bringing the work ethic with them. Glad to report they have been in the minority for my personal experience. When I think about the culprits, UGH! I will never understand it. Seems some show up everyday JUST to collect a check; no real interest in advancing their artistry, excelling in customer service, getting their 'chops' so that they are ready for what's next in the industry for a makeup artist that wants to go somewhere beyond management in the retail environment.

MUAs who use words like passion, love, my life, what I want to do...we have heard it all!
So I say...if  it means that much to you, don't just do the verb - BE THE NOUN!!!

 ~ Exceed expectations. Command industry language & terminology. Push your product knowledge beyond the employee handbook. Greet each day as another opportunity to shine. Regard every customer as the next celebrity. Know the production details for every company campaign. Be able to quote industry history. Study makeup artistry & challenge yourself to execute industry aesthetics - without fail. BELIEVE & PROVE TO YOURSELF THAT THE ARTIST IN YOU CAN CREATE SOMETHING YOU HAVE NEVER SEEN! BE THE NOUN!!!

These are things I had pressed myself to do over the years as a retail artist & freelancer. I know that I am better, exceedingly prepared, & absolutely more qualified for my current full-time career as a Make Up Artist. So my charge is this: You say this is your passion, then pursue every aspect of it as such. MUAs, you can do this...BE THE NOUN!!!

Jennifer James currently works as a full-time MAKE-UP ARTIST & part-time Educator who splits the year between hometown Detroit, New York City and whereever else beauty takes her.

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