Make-Up & A Racial 2010?!?!

I recently worked a very cool gig. Had a great time with the principals, they were satisfied with my work & we had a ball on set.

Later, I was informed by the hiring agent that along with my experience in the type of make-up required for the project - my sharing of African-American heritage with the client did weigh-in on my being sought for the job. 

 A "comfort level" was mentioned in regards to perception of different races being able to execute make-up looks on complexions other than their own. Not at all was this the 1st time I had dealt with this subject matter. I have actually seen this same frame of thought be exhibited in several situations & from more than 1 side.

So I ask, Make-Up Artists - what is your opinion on this matter? What have you experienced with regard to this? How have you taken steps to assure potential clients that your knowledge & skill level are diverse enough to warrant their trust?

I would also like to hear from clients/consumers who have a point of view that they would like to share.

Civil discourse on any matter is always a step in the right direction. So let's get another conversation going where the goal is ultimately to extend clarity & understanding to all involved.


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*Photos used are from past work & are totally unrelated to client/job cited above.*