SKYPE Beauty Cyber Monday Offer!

Need Make-up Application help?

How about a 1 on 1 lesson  via SKYPE with 

SKYPE Beauty is a full hour of hands-on applied make-up techniques, tips & tricks.  During session, you will also receive product recommendations & targeted instruction with a focus on time saving yet flawless results.  All of this cosmetics knowledge is customized to your specific beauty needs.

Only $45 USD.

Go to

Proceed to CONTACT page. Click SKYPE Beauty logo to get started! We will need to complete an  email or phone consultation to customize your session & go  over product recommendations before session for optimum productivity. You may use contact form to begin the process.

*Special Make-Up Artist' Sessions (w/ model) also available!*


All SKYPE Beauty Sessions purchased by 

TUES NOV 30th 2010 @ 3am EST (12 Midnight Pacific)

will receive an additional *30 minutes* of session time!

Click SKYPE Beauty logo above! Looking forward to meeting you on the web!!!
Email: for  more details, to schedule pre-session email consultation & to request phone consult.

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Jennifer James Beauty was very happy to have celebrated 1 year anniversary of SKYPE Beauty in October, 2010. Looking forward to many more years with this medium & connecting with many more SKYPE Beauties all over the world! (with the help of TransClick for Skype)

Global SKYPE Beauties so far: Greece, Nigeria, England, Brazil, South Africa, Jamaica, Mexico, Dubai & St. Lucia.