★ SKYPEbeauty Sessions - Mary Kay, Avon & Amway Reps Specific


Thank you for your interest in my SKYPEbeauty sessions.

Having worked in the beauty industry for over 20 years, I decided to bring my experience to the education realm several years ago. Through this process, I discovered the over-whelming desire for other Make-Up Artists & Beauty Professionals like yourself to improve in aspects of Make-Up Artistry.

Along with classes, hands-on workshops & private lessons (Personal, Artist 2 Artist & Business 2 Business) I added my SKYPEbeauty sessions over a year ago to take advantage of the boom in global communications via the Internet. The convenience of the visual medium SKYPE is very conducive to this process because of its' simplicity, availability as free download & affordability. Everyone with a web cam can SKYPE!

I have developed customized SKYPEbeauty Programs specifically designed for businesswomen & businessmen who are Representatives of Mary Kay, Avon & Amway Cosmetics Companies. The sessions are catered to assist you in conveying Make-Up Artistry to your diverse customers/clients in a way that will guarantee increased revenues per sale, more effective client retention, increased credibility for you as a Beauty/Image Consultant - which will result in a more lucrative endeavor over-all. 

Your customized SKYPEbeauty Session :

• Detailed to work within your company's special guidelines
• Designed around your company's product selection & collections
• Focuses on up-selling through broader product knowledge
• Tips for engaging your demographic in depth through investigation
• Seamless development of relationship between skincare & makeup
• Personal artistry skills for branding your own image your way
• Specific ways to convey artistry to clients for more satisfaction

Jennifer James Beauty's SKYPEbeauty sessions:
75 minutes per customized session
Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
Multi-lingual capabilities to service global clients
$65.00 USD (payable through PayPal)

Having said all of that, what's the next step? The consultation!

We may begin consultation by you telling me a few things about yourself & where you would like to go within your company as a Beauty Professional. Be as detailed as you have time to: Experience, location, education, other interests, family situation, student status, etc. Send information to JenJamesBeauty@gmail.com.


Thank you for your interest & I hope to be hearing from you very soon.
Jennifer James | Make-Up Artist | SKYPE Name: JenJamesBeauty

*Jennifer James Beauty is in no way affiliated with any company mentioned in this post; the above endeavor is
completely independent of said companies and has not received any corporate sponsorship, compensation or endorsement thereof.

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