What do you recommend browwise, for a person with eczema? The eczema thins my eyebrows. I've tried eyebrow pencils, but they look so fake, and I'm not a makeup person per se -- mascara, gloss and I'm done. Am I applying it wrong?

To avoid the fake/ overdrawn look: A freshly sharpened brow pencil really is the best option for you.

Make sure pencil is super sharp. Use soft wispy strokes in a slightly upward motion while following natural brow shape. (begin in the higher part of your natural arch to give lift) Wispy strokes with a sharp pencil allows you to add definition that mimics real brow hairs.

Avoid adding too much definition to the brow near the bridge of your nose. You want it to be softer there so that it looks somewhat natural. See diagram below for guidelines in enhancing brow with regard to facial anatomy - while using your natural brow as a guide.


Be patient, it takes practice. Try to find pics of a model or celebrity with similar brow shape as yours to see how theirs are done. This may help give you perspective.

Hope this helps!

Jennifer James Beauty

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