bc of ur blog post, i decided to go to MUD to perfect skills as a MUA (been in it via retail since '07 n i learned hands-on so no official school). i want to eventually live off of it. do u think there's potential to succeed thru school's network of jobs?


WOW! because of my little ole' blog?! Thanks so much for reading! Was it the post called Cosmetology School? Yea or Nay? NAY!...

Congratulations! I highly recommend MUD Schools & actually plan to attend the SOHO (NYC) location myself in the very near future. More education is always a good look.

I don't particularly have much faith in schools connecting you to work. I do believe that along the way, you have the opportunity to meet people who could aid you in finding work...

Once you have the education & the experience - your confidence to generate career moves for yourself is what you should rely on.

That's my take, you evaluate things further as you go through the educational experience & all the things that come with it.

Thank you, very good question!

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