∯ Makeup School......ROAD TRIP!!!!!

★  For anyone saving or have funds to put towards education - what about this? Get an education buddy & team up to split some of the travel/lodging costs. Have a look at the hands-on master class lists at makeup industry main events IMATS, http://www.IMATSshow.com & The Makeup Show, http.www.TheMakeupShow.com. Add up the cost of a flight, hotel, auto rental, show ticket fees, & actual cost for each master class. These classes are the best because you are receiving hands-on instruction from WORKING TOP INDUSTRY PROS who are covering so many different aspects of the MUA career & artistry.

★ It may turn out to be a really good deal based on the fact that you know you would be receiving comprehensive tutelage from people who are or have been where you want to go. It could provide you with the experience of learning up close & personal; add up 2-3 of these dedicated trips a year & in a few years - You have gotten a wealth of priceless schooling.

 *Photo: Fashion Makeup for Runway & Print Class from Jennifer James Beauty.

★ You have also had opportunities to network with important industry people who got a chance to evaluate you & your commitment - you never know what they may be able to do for your career if you make a lasting impression. Events like those can really make a difference & so can trips to NYC for The Powder Group's ongoing classes which are VERY REASONABLE. http://www.ThePowderGroup.com/

★ There is also Elevate Artists at Studio 400 http://www.ElevateArtists.com/ in DC that features master classes from people like Lottie Stannard http://www.LotStar.com/ (Keying many shows for Fashion Week) & TV & editorial powerhouse Kat Aragon http://www.dripbook.com/kataragon/splash/ - also at very reasonable prices like $150-$400 per. If you like & have the freedom to travel - something to think about in case you don't settle on an extended program at an accredited makeup school.

These are just a fraction of the places & people teaching classes around the nation whether available through organizations or individual artists. (See Below) You can do Internet searches to find their offerings or click on their names to go right to their websites.

Thank you friend & colleague Frances Williams

for this list: 

Marietta Carter Narcisse / Suzanne Patterson / Danessa Myricks / DeShawn Hatcher / Sara Seidman Vance / Nakeah Fuller / Janice Tunnell / Denise Tunnell / Lauren Clark / Synthe Maria / Orlando Santiago / Roque Cozzette / James Vincent


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