*Said really fast like disclaimers on radio commercials*
Disclaimer: Any resemblance to any known YOU TUBE (rs) is purely coincidental & criticism does not depict any single description of any 1 (one) account on You Tube or their affiliates i.e the following is solely opinion based ranting of an Internet addict who has OCD on so many levels that this disclaimer had to be included to protect the rights of the innocent & those who may be offended by said criticisms. 

What is really happening??? What has become of pride??? Has shame cashed out its 401k & gone to retire??? Why is there, seemingly - no reference point for what's appropriate & what isn't???


I know I'm not the only one who has noticed that things have gone awry in many areas of society - but gee wiz WHAT IS GOING ON OVER THERE ON YOU TUBE WITH THE MAKEUP TUTORIALS???

You have seen some of the same things I have? Right? I won't go into any specifics about makeup technique, but haven't some of you wondered why _______ has sssoooooooooooooo many hits when:

1)  They don't seem to be very well versed at all in the subject they are offering instruction about. <<< WHY DOES ANYONE LISTEN TO THESE TYPES?

2)  They lead off their video with disclaimers & requests to be excused for this&that because this is wrong or that is bad so please forgive me. Excuses out of the gate?! <<< WHY NOT WORK OUT THE KINKS, THEN FILM THE VIDEO?

3)  The purpose of the video is to show HOW TO do something yet strikingly - they seem to be showing WHAT NOT TO DO in this particular instance. <<< WHO TOLD THEM THEY SHOULD ATTEMPT TO EDUCATE OTHERS? WHERE IS THE INDUSTRY STANDARD THAT THEY HAVE REFERENCED TO SUPPORT THEIR METHODS?

4)  They have elected to film their video in an environment with so many noise distractions that you can't even pay attention to what they are saying. <<< WHY IS THIS SO COMMON? WHERE IS THE MODEL FOR THIS?

5)  The background looks like a tornado has gone through the room! It's such a mess back there, you'd think Neicy Nash is going to walk up any second! <<< WHY WOULD IT BE OK TO REPRESENT YOURSELF THIS WAY?

6)  Pajamas, treadmill as a coat rack, underwear, vacuum cleaner, stove, refrigerator, washer/dryer, iron/board, stacks of unfolded (even folded) laundry, recent CostCo haul (toilet paper, case of Top Ramen, paper towel, cereal, cleaning products, snacks) & many other household items DO NOT DOUBLE AS PROPS IN THE BACKGROUND OF A MAKEUP TUTORIAL VIDEO! <<< WHERE IS YOUR DIGNITY?

7)  An obviously wrinkled & not so new or clean looking bed-sheet draped over two broken halogen lamps is NOT - in any way, a desirable backdrop. <<< HOW COULD THIS POSSIBLY  BE ACCEPTABLE STAGING?

 (portable staging idea I've been tossing around)

8)  Peeling wallpaper, crooked towel rack, moldy shower curtain, a general need for the total bathroom scrub down...& etc...<<< SO WHY HAS ONE CHOSEN THIS, A GLARINGLY FILTHY BATHROOM AS "PRODUCTION SET" TO BE A SIGNATURE OF THEIR YOU TUBE PRESENCE?

9)  Dozens of videos/thousands upon thousands of views later & still no attempt to improve your overall image/presentation. Still mispronouncing company & product names. <<< SHOULDN'T HOBBYISTS, ENTHUSIASTS & MUAs BE HELD TO SOME STANDARD OF RESPECT FOR THE COLLEAGUES, COMPANIES & PRODUCTS THEY CRITIQUE/PROMOTE/REPRESENT?

10) Last, but hardly least...the wretched multi-tasking of engaging their YT audience & interacting with their kids, significant others, neighbors, other people, things & situations going on in the background. <<< HOW IN THE WORLD COULD ANYONE RATIONALIZE THAT THIS IS ACCEPTABLE TO A POTENTIALLY GLOBAL AUDIENCE? the question remains... WHO HAS DONE A "TUTORIAL" TUTORIAL??? Where are the videos by You Tube gurus who are simply promoting and giving instruction on "THE ART" of producing a well made, thought out & polished tutorial no matter the subject?

It is by no means every beauty guru on YT that has caused me to cite the examples above - but you must agree that we see ENTIRELY TOO MANY vids that could be used as references for WHAT NOT TO DO when making them.  I am amazed as to how many violators are on equal footing & above those who might be considered "cream of the crop in quality" relative to viral video success's bottom line - VIEWS! How few of those very views are gawkers just wanting to see a train wreck? Either way, those views represent potential influence & many companies look at that as a way to reach potential cu$tomer$.

As a makeup artist, most of the accounts that I subscribe to have something to do with makeup, beauty, cosmetics & all things related.  I have been paying a good amount of attention to how I would like to increase my presence on You Tube & will not make another move towards it without careful consideration & planning.  Regard for aesthetic standards of many industries comes into play: TV/video production, lighting, set design, cinematography, script writing, speech & personality.

I only hope to be able to produce video content that will engage my audience, help my brand as well as elevating the collective reputation of MUAs & beauty hobbyists/enthusiasts on the Internet via You Tube.

So, again - here I am crying out to my fellow lovers of the makeup industry to take it up a notch. This time on You Tube. We should ALL care to REPRESENT OURSELVES most positively...I wish for more of us to be prouder ambassadors of our personal & collaborative message...


...then again, I have to admit that there is BEAUTY in the sheer freedom that ANYONE & EVERYONE has the right to produce the video of their capabilities & broadcast it to the world...

...but you know me - I JUST HAD TO SAY SOMETHING!!! :-)

Jennifer James | Makeup Artist


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