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"Grasp The Mastery - Makeup Artistry's Connection to the Fine Arts"

"Grasp The Mastery - Makeup Artistry's Connection to the Fine Arts" is a Skype in the Classroom Project by Jennifer James Beauty. Through this project, I seek to show interested students all over the world the connection between the beauty, makeup, cosmetics & photography industries to the world of Fine Art.
Specific areas of relationship include understanding of color theory, cosmetics chemistry/formulation & the influence of the Fine Arts on makeup & its use for:

_In the fashion industry
_Film Industry
_Body Painting
_Prosthetic Makeup

"Grasp The Mastery" will collaborate with Educators of the Fine Arts to expose more students to career possibilities in the Visual Arts realm. We want to excite students while we stress the importance of their development as artistic thinkers.

The following are various articles which are exemplary of the philosophy of Jennifer James Beauty & will give you a clear idea of the depth of the teaching style.

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Skype in the classroom is a free global community that invites teachers to collaborate on classroom projects where they might use Skype, and share skills and inspiration around specific teaching needs.

Teachers all over the world are using Skype to make learning more exciting and memorable. It's easy to see why: Skype offers an immediate way to help students discover new cultures, languages and ideas, all without leaving the classroom.
One of the most inspiring examples we’ve come across is teacher Kara Cornejo’s global weather project, (click link to view video on the Skype in the Classroom website) which started here on Skype in the classroom.

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I am really looking forward to expanding my global community on behalf of the Makeup Artist, Beauty Enthusiasts, Fine Artists, Creatives & everyone who expresses the facets of their personality through the arts & humanities.

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