★ GRASP THE MASTERY...the blog post.

To actually "grasp the mastery" beyond 140 characters (or less), take each tweet & create a 10 bullet point (or more) summary of how you can apply the crux of it to your technique. Then expound on & study your 10 points for deeper exploration;  keep in mind that your bullet points are to serve as a road map to more comprehensive study. Implement as many research materials as possible - including classes, makeup workshops, seminars, makeup books, books on fine art, articles related to the cosmetics industry, images of the industry from a historical perspective & study of related industries. (photography, lighting, costuming, story boarding, cosmetics chemistry...

#GraspTheMastery #19: The beauty of skin is in its texture & hue. Retain its true essence w/ makeup.

1) Skin types, textures, condition, care treatment.
2) Skin preparation based on skin type.
3) Skin preparation based on skin texture, conditions.
4) Skin texture - how to mimic skin health w/ makeup.
5) Skin texture - how to enhance undertones with color products.
6) Makeup elements - Create the look of healthier skin w/ color theory.
7) Makeup elements - Use color products for correcting severe blemishes, scars & discoloration
8) Makeup elements - Study of lighting elements for best skin in controlled environments (Photography, Film)
9) Cosmetics chemistry technology & innovations for healthy skin.
10) Esthetics & Dermatology - Where makeup fits into the equation.

You get the idea! Begin the journey, if you dare!
  • #GraspTheMastery: Take what you already know. Study timeless, iconic images. Do a step by step breakdown of possible technique.
    #GraspTheMastery: The breakdown? Products. Tools. Aspects of #colortheory. Facial anatomy. Attention to detail.
    #GraspTheMastery: Pinpoint what's different about your work & work you greatly admire. Look for what you're missing. 
    #GraspTheMastery: Figure out if your perception is in line w/ an established aesthetic or comfort zone of your skill. 
    #GraspTheMastery: Color Wheel. Memorize every word & concept printed on it & GET YOUR KIT & ACT THEM OUT! #Colortheory 
    #GraspTheMastery: See parallels EVERYWHERE! Corpse on CSI=facial anatomy. Fine Art Portraiture =highlights & contours.
    #GraspTheMastery: Refine your technique to how mastery was achieved b4 primers, eye base & Photoshop were crutches. 
    #GraspTheMastery: Don't fear knowing & being judged on the difference between poor, mediocre, fair, good & excellent. 
    #GraspTheMastery: With expertise, go to your weak side first. Then match it using the strengths of your strong side. 
    #GraspTheMastery: Understand that the word ART in our title is something that bears responsibility to GLOBAL IDEALS. 
    #GraspTheMastery: If access to information has made you lazy - WAKE UP & STOP TAKING IT FOR GRANTED. #READ #Research 
    #GraspTheMastery: Part 11 - We finger paint b4 we learn math, writing & science.Study artistry math, writing & science.  
    #GraspTheMastery: Part 12 - Frame detailed stories 4 #makeup looks to encourage imagination & inspiration from within.  
    #GraspTheMastery: Part 13 - Mistakes-what we shd use 2 figure out who we are within the craft. Face them.Analyze them.
    #GraspTheMastery: Part 14 - Bring innovation into your offerings. Observe your inspirations & add ur own contribution.
    #GraspTheMastery: Part 15 - The masters are masters b/c their expertise has a signature. What's ur artistry signature?
    #GraspTheMastery #16: Embrace the tedious. Times will come when inspiration from those moments surfaces as expertise.
    #GraspTheMastery #17: TALENT is natural.SKILL is developed.BOTH can be fully realized w/ EDUCATION & HARD WORK.
    #GraspTheMastery, #18 - #Artistry rooted in the basics has been/is the most successful formula to follow.
    #GraspTheMastery #19: The beauty of skin is in its texture & hue. Retain its true essence w/ makeup. 
    #GraspTheMastery #20: Skin reflects & shows shadows.In it's simplest sense, makeup imitates this.
    #GraspTheMastery #21: Ingredients. Manufacturing process. Physical properties of key components. Understand cosmetics. 
    #GraspTheMastery #22: Advanced skills matter even if you don't use them. Study Special FX makeup, you will be a better beauty artist. 
    #GraspTheMastery #23: Don't trade congruity 4 precision.Over-zealous exactness turns art to #ColorByNumbers on a face.
    #GraspTheMastery #24: Know relationship btwn #makeup & #photography.Tech advances in cam equipment demands the acumen.
    #GraspTheMastery #25: Instinctual. Gutsy. Formulaic. Visual. Technical. Emotional. Impressionist. Anatomical. #KnowYourStyle. #ApplicationMethodology
    #GraspTheMastery #26: YOU CAN & WILL learn from EVERY MUA you come in contact with. BE OPEN! #What2Do #WhatNot2Do 
    #GraspTheMastery #27: Restraint shd be an application philosophy.A tactic within the less is more strategy. #CocoChanel
    #GraspTheMastery #28: Growth comes when we use industry aesthetic to critique our work not brag of our fierceness. 
    #GraspTheMastery #29: Benefit from all that it brings you & from THE JOURNEY itself. ARTISTRY is your prize - TAKE IT!
    #GraspTheMastery #30: Buy a sketch pad.Hone the 'A' in MUA.Explore those recesses of your brain.Coax your inner artist.
    #GraspTheMastery #31: •Texture •Finish •Color Pay-off •Density •Viscosity •Mill Degree •Major inspiration in products.
    #GraspTheMastery #32: Modify your assessment of what's *dated*. Figuratively at minimum - GET A PHD IN MAKEUP!
    #GraspTheMastery #33: Use products w/ treatment ingredients.Essential 2 application. #EyeCream #Primer 
    #GraspTheMastery #34: High Definition - .Cosmetics Chemistry .Lighting .Texture .Color .Transparency #HDtechniques
    #GraspTheMastery #35: Make it a habit 2 observe other MUAs' masterpieces & formulate technique map & product breakdown.
    #GraspTheMastery #36: Approach the craft w/ obsessive love, b able 2 express that love in poetry & prose.
    #GraspTheMastery #37: #Brows should flow on a continuum dictated by the shape of upper hemisphere of the eye socket.   
    #GraspTheMastery #38: Precise & clean.Diffused & blended. Opposing principles as allies in pursuit of joint perfection.
    #GraspTheMastery #39: Makeup ARTIST - Foundation . Art History . Mixed Media . Illustration #AppliedEducation  #GetSome
    #GraspTheMastery #40: In mastery of highlights/contours - HIGHLIGHT 1st so you can better judge depth of contour.
      #41: SEE the potential for expertise in EVERY aspect, not just eyes.
    #GraspTheMastery #42: Think of individual products in your kit as embodiments of  texture not just color. #MakeupMonday #MakeupChat
    • This is a continuing Twitter course dedicated to ADVANCED MAKEUP ARTISTRY concepts, principles, techniques & ideals w/ a focus on real world application.