BROW BOOT CAMP presented by Jennifer James Beauty

BROW BOOT CAMP is a 4 Hour Hands-On Workshop for the Experienced Makeup Artist who wishes to greatly improve their abilities in brow shaping, brow damage correction, and executing beautiful brow looks/enhancements through the use of grooming, along with the use of a range of color cosmetic products. In the BROW BOOT CAMP workshop, we strongly focus on the enhancement of the client/model's unique beauty through careful evaluation of facial anatomy, assessment of individual facial features, & visual identification of scale and proportion. BROW BOOT CAMP greatly improves an Artist's skill set in the specific subject of precision application of brow waxes/powders/pencils/gels/tints.

This workshop will insure that the Artist gets on the road to brilliantly producing beautiful, natural & trend eyebrow looks for every segment of the industry - consumer, bridal, HD media (TV, photography), runway, fashion, editorial, and print. Workshop segments include several series of comprehensive exercises to structurally bolster the "brow acumen" of MUAs at every level. Attendees are asked to bring their professional kits, brushes, & a model for this intensive environment where the Artist will be applying practices for brows in beauty makeup.

_4 hours includes one 30 minute lunch break & one 10-minute break.
Class materials provided by Jennifer James Beauty: JJB Brow Boot Camp Workbook
*Workshop by Private Bookings Only. Confirm date & time via phone: 929.500.1079 (Voice & Text)


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                                             Click H E R E for Prom, Bridal, & Red Carpet Beauty (Advanced Makeup Artist Class)

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