e.l.f. STUDIO LINE w/ swatches & reviews

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I ordered a small amount of STUDIO e.l.f. products by mail & wanted to share what I bought. These are new e.l.f. products for me as I had never ordered any of the STUDIO line. Order total including shipping was $39.85 US.

Order as they appear on *swatch*:

1) Mineral Infused Face Primer $6 2) Eye Brow Kit in Medium $3 *brow wax, brow powder* 3) Eyeliner & Shadow Stick in Black/Smoke $3 *Smoke E/S, Black eye liner* 4) Cream Eyeliner $3 *Black* 5) Creme Eyeliner $3 *Ivory* 6) Waterproof Eyeliner Pen $1 *Black* (not from STUDIO line) 7) 2 in 1 Conditioning Gloss *Supermodel* 8) Makeup Remover Cleansing Cloths $3 (see photo) 9) Small Angle Brush (see photo)

Reviews & ratings: 0 = Skip it! 5=Take it or leave it! 10=GET IT NOW!

1) Nice dupe for Smashbox Photo Finish. Goes on smooth, performed well under my Studio Fix powder. Rating > 10 2) Very nice powder & wax set. Wax holds brows in place nicely. Powder is smooth & nicely pigmented. Rating > 10 3) Color pay-off on both is VERY nice. Black liner is really intense, but tends to smear. Shadow side goes on smooth, beautiful charcoal grey (like M A C Knight Divine) but tends to crease though well primed. Rating > 5 4) Now these I LOVE! The Black is very intense & glides on smoothly. After it set, it would not budge even when I rubbed firmly. Had a time removing it (see Remover cloths review) This liner is amazing! Rating > 10 5) Same as liner above. The Ivory is very creamy and goes on nicely. Nice pay-off and dried to a very long-lasting eyeliner. Rating > 10 6) I usually don't like the pen-type liners but this one is a winner, especially for the price. Very intense black with a nice consistency & dries to a long-lasting eyeliner. Love this thing! Rating > 10 7) Very impressed by this gloss. Nice shimmer, (not glittery) wet-look high gloss shine- yet not sticky. Feels very nice on the lips. I will get more colors of these. Rating > 10 8) The softest makeup remover cloth I have EVER used. Pleasant, mild scent, nice & moist. Removed face, cheek & lip products very well. Removes most eye products very well, except for the STUDIO e.l.f. Cream Liner! Also, did not irritate but left my contact lenses cloudy for a bit. 9) Well, based on this one I WILL BE ORDERING ALL OF THE STUDIO e.l.f. BRUSHES! It is very well made, feels nice & sturdy. Very precisely formed & cut Taklon fibers lends to a clean, crisp eye line. LOVE! Rating > 10

To conclude, I am extremely happy with Eyes, Lips, Face's products. This STUDIO Line seems to be a real winner!!!



The Perfect Brow

The one thing that EVERY woman should have is a good brow arch. We are all born with a brow that is fitting for our facial shape and bone structure. I only wish to suggest that we can only improve upon nature. These brow basics will help you to show the world YOUR BEST BROW. Brow grooming at home is an option, but some things are best left to professionals. Whether handling your own arch or seeking the services of a QUALIFIED BEAUTY PROFESSIONAL, these rules apply.

1) Never alter your brow too much. An over-groomed brow can actually change your facial expression in several ways. Poorly shaped brows can make you appear to frown or give you a surprised look. Neither is appropriate. Also, over-enhancing could give you the 'Whatever happened to Baby Jane' effect. If you need assistance in determining your best look, see the guidelines below. If you decide to see a professional (Make-Up Artist, Esthetician), seek references from people you know who have nicely groomed brows. Many estheticians and make-up artists will be able to assist you in correcting brow disasters - whether by your own hand or some wayward makeover maniac.

2) Be knowledegable about the services that you seek. Getting a good arch will offer you several options. There is the standard hot wax method, tweezing and threading. Any of these is a good choice when receiving the service from a qualified beauty professional. All of these methods remove stray hairs from the root, resulting in a long-lasting clean arch. NEVER ALLOW ANYONE TO USE ANY FORM OF RAZOR to arch your brows. This can lead to cuts and scrapes, visible stubble after just days, and likely irritation - albeit a very unsatisfactory, short-lived result. Remember, you get what you pay for. The industry standard for a good brow arch will cost from $12 - $30 in most markets. If the service is too inexpensive, that should raise a red flag. Fees tend to be higher in cities with thriving entertainment and fashion industries. (Chicago, New York, Atlanta, Miami, Los Angeles) Look through the latest fashion & beauty magazines and check out the brows in cosmetic ads for Cover Girl, Lancome, Maybelline and Estee` Lauder - they get it right every time. Celebrities with perfect brows include Tyra Banks, Lara Flynn-Boyle, Ziyi Zhang, Thandie Newton, Heidi Klum and Mary J. Blige - just to name a few, IMHO

3) Know your own face. There are three basic guidelines to YOUR best brow shape. Get in the mirror with a narrow straight object (ruler, pencil, orange-wood stick) to assist you in viewing these guidelines AS DETAILED IN THE DIAGRAM BELOW:




A _ The beginning of your brow should be somewhat parallel to the outer part of your nostril


B _ The highest point of your arch should line up with the outer part of your nostril and the outer of the pupil of your eye


C _ Your brow should then end at the point where you outer nostril lines up with the outer corner of your eye

※ Do your homework. IT'S YOUR FACE AND YOU WANT TO PUT THE BEST ONE FORWARD!!! From FUZION Magazine, VOL III - Issue 6 www.jenniferjames-beauty.com